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KS3 Geography
Sustainable Development
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Teacher's Section

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How to Use this Site

The site is designed to allow teachers to integrate the material on the website into their classroom practice. The material is available in a variety of formats to allow as wide a range of flexibility as possible. The material is available on CD-ROM and on the Internet. The material can be accessed 'live' or downloaded to a single or caches computer.

The material covered within each section is sequential. However the individual topics of each theme may be examined separately. Initially each section is placed in a spatial context and then the relevant geographical themes are explored through a wide range of resources, with tasks and activities throughout. Within each section there is a direct reference to the sustainable nature of the area in question. Each section has a terminal task in which overriding themes are explored. Each section of the site has a Scheme of Work. This outlines the main Teacher Activities, as well as pupil activities and links to other sites.

  • Therefore a wide range of approaches may be adopted when using the site.
  • The material may be followed through from beginning to end in a linear fashion, using the tasks within the site and worksheets provided on the teachers' site.
  • Separate areas may be examined as part of a wider unit of work, as exemplar, or applicable tasks.
  • Individual pieces of information may be lifted for use with KS3 students or older, or even to address different themes, or different subjects.
  • Tasks may be set based on research from the material presented.

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