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Sustainable Development
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Rail Activity
Image of a train
Read these 10 statements carefully

1. Rail is the backbone of a public transport network.

2. Everyone wants to own their own car.

3. A train can carry twice as many people in an hour along a route as a motorway.

4. A train doesn’t bring you to your front door.

5. For every £1 spent on petrol, 85p leaves the local economy.

6. For every £1 spent on a fare in public transport, 80p stays in the local economy.

7. 30% of Northern Ireland households do not have access to a car.

8. Tourists prefer cars to trains as they like complete flexibility.

9. Rail transport consumes 2 - 3 times less energy than road transport.

10. It would cost millions of pounds to restore Northern Ireland’s rail network to its former size.

Do you think rail has a part to play in the sustainable development of the Northern Ireland transport network?

Yes No

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