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"I've grown up in a farm here in Kilfeaghan. It's a small farm, a hill farm mostly a sheep farm. Whenever I left school I went to Loughry to train as a food technologist and I'm back there and I have a job there. One of the things that we are looking at, at the minute, down in Loughry, is ways farmers can diversify. At the minute we're setting up a computer suite in the college that farmers can come in and be trained to use the different packages. We're trying to organise workshops where farmers can come in and learn the skills of cheese making; learn what's involved in making jam. Because a lot of people have land and maybe do grow fruit and have maybe land that could grow things like that, but just aren't utilising that land in that way. So we're encouraging people to think about diversification; look at what they could produce and we're holding sessions where we can help them, give them ideas and show them the skills needed to produce those. So really we have already set up a farmhouse cheese programme. We've had a few people in from Fermanagh and places like that and we're showing them how to make cheese and some of those people are actually selling cheese at the minute just on a farmhouse level. I think over in London at the minute, there's a market specially devoted… I think they maybe have it on a Saturday, I think the different farmers come in from different areas and they just put their wares on display and they sell the products. So they're maybe looking at something like that over here, where farmers could produce products and take them in so that's helping to use their land in other ways and just make more money from it."

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