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Sustainable Development
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Decision Time
Image of a dual carriageway
Here are a range of ways in which the Northern Ireland transport network could be developed. Read them carefully and choose those which you think would contribute to the sustainable development of transport in Northern Ireland, then make a report.

Build a rail link from Belfast to Belfast International Airport.
Construct more safe cycle routes and pedestrian zones.
Exclude cars from town and city centres.
Introduce double decker buses in the city.
Make private cars more expensive to run and park.
Restore some old canals and tourist routes.
Improve cross-border gateways at Newry, Enniskillen and Strabane.
Increase Investment in rail network.
Upgrade existing roads.
Make bus travel cheaper, more reliable and faster.
Construct new roads.
Improve integration of train and bus timetables and terminals.
Develop City of Derry Airport as a gateway to the North West.
Improve access to the Port of Belfast by upgrading the Westlink.

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