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Case Study: Belfast
Image of Belfast

Once the industrial heartland of Belfast, with its world-leading shipyard, Laganside died slowly as its heavy industry died and the troubles drove people out of the city centre.

Today the planners have set out to revitalise Laganside. What would you build?

Offices: Easy access and lots of car parking nearby. Hotels: Will it have a view of the river and be near a leisure complex or cultural quarter?
Waterfront: Is this near to where people live? Think about car parking and access. Car Parks: You will need a lot of these if car use is to double by 2025.
Weir: This will help clean up the river and get rid of the smell. Cathedral: This can add soul to what might be a concrete jungle.
Apartments: What kind of people are going to live in Laganside?
Information Box - This is where information on buildings appears.
Then and Now Explore Laganside

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