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BBC Nature
Large BBC site covering all aspects of the natural world.

  British Trees
A guide to 33 native trees of Britain and Ireland, it also has a good links section.

  Colin Glen Trust
The story of how another Belfast forest is being conserved.

  Dragonfly Ireland
All the information you could ever want on dragonflies in Ireland.

ENFO is Ireland's public information service on environmental matters. Click on Schools and Teachers for downloadable activity sheets.

  Environment and Heritage Service
The EHS is the main government body responsible for conservation of our natural heritage. The links section on this site is very good for Northern Ireland resources.

  Flora of Northern Ireland
This site allows you to see some of the records on plants held in the Ulster Museum.

  Forest Service
Website of the Forest Service, responsible for most forests in Northern Ireland. The annual reports give good background information on N.I. forestry.

  Northern Ireland Fungus Group
A comprehensive site dedicated to Northern Ireland's fungus. Fascinating fungus, edible fungus, and an on-line atlas showing where each species has been found.

  Peoples Millennium forests
This site, connected to the Irish People's Millennium Forest Project has excellent resources on the history of Irish forests and native species.

  Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
The under-18 section of the RSPB site has a lot of activities related to wildlife, not just birds.

  State of the Planet
This site shows how other habitats and species around the world are under threat.

  The Woodland Trust
This charity looks after a number of small woodlands in Northern Ireland. It was formed to conserve and improve native woodlands.

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