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Sustainable Development
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Term: Meaning:
  hubs   urban centres of employment and services  
  gateways   ports, airports and land entry points  
  transport corridors   main roads, rail and telecommunications arteries  
  rural resource   the countryside and its services  
  settlement   a place where people live  
  land entry points   road and rail links across a national border  
  bypass   a road built around a town  
  biodiversity   the number and variety of all living things  
  internal combustion engine   engine in which motive power is derived from an explosion of a mixture of gas or vaporised oil or petrol, and air in the cylinder  
  sedan chair   a 17th.- 18th.Century vehicle seating one and carried by 2 chairmen with poles  
  trolley bus   electric bus running on road and using trolley (wheel attached to pole used for collecting current from overhead electric wire to drive vehicle)  
  import   goods bought from one country by another  
  colliery   coal mine  
  lighters   canal barges  
  commute   to travel especially by train or car to and from one's daily work in a city  
  freight   transport of goods in containers by water, air or land  
  pedestrian area   area where pedestrians have priority over vehicles  
  cycle lane   road or path for bicycles  
  bus lane or corridor   strip of road for use mainly by buses  
  conservationists   people who wish to preserve the natural environment  
  roll on/roll off   a facility where vehicles can be driven on and off a ferry  
  hinterland   area served by a port or other centre  
  e-commerce   buying and selling via the Internet  
  fossil fuels   fuels like coal, gas and oil formed in the Earth's geographical past  
  food miles   term used to describe how far food travels before it gets to your plate  
  periphery   external boundary or surrounding region  

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