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Term: Meaning:
  Bedding Plates   A horizontal crack between layers of rock.  
  Calcite   The main mineral form of calcium carbonate.  
  Calcium carbonate   A white solid found naturally as chalk, limestone, marble and calcite.
  Carboniferous period   Time period between 362 and 290 Million years ago.  
  Climate   The average weather over many years.  
  Conservation   The management of a dynamic ecosystem in a sustainable way.  
  Culture   Way of life including language, food, clothing etc.  
  Emigration   To move to another country to live  
  Gross Domestic Product   The total amount of money earned by a country.  
  Joints   Vertical cracks between layers of rock.  
  Karst Landscape   A term for limestone landscape.  
  Limestone   A sedimentary rock made up of calcium carbonate.  
  Peat   A type of soil made up of partially decomposed remains of bog plants which have deposited on top of each other for thousands of years.
  Peatlands   Areas where peat has accumulated.  
  Population Density   The number of people in a certain area.  
  Speleology   The scientific study of caves.  
  Stalactite   A calcite formation growing downwards from a cave roof.  
  Stalagmite   A calcite formation growing upwards from a cave floor.  

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