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20 February 2015
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Teachers: campus/industrial visit

Educational visits should be available to all pupils as they can add greatly to their understanding of the world of work. It is important that the educational visits should have clear, relevant and achievable aims and objectives and include a wide range of establishments that match pupil aspirations. It is important that a systematic preparation and follow-up takes place.

The health and safety of the participants must be assured. The minimum pupil-to-teacher ratio must be achieved and you must be satisfied that the venue is suitable. Where applicable, ensure that any employees who will be involved in the visit are qualified and dependable.

Before the visit
  • A member of staff should make a preliminary visit to the venue - preferably at the same time of year as the planned visit. This preliminary visit is essential for safety reasons and educational planning.
  • Prior to any detailed organisation, you must obtain permission for the visit from the school’s senior management team.
  • If transport by coach or minibus is involved, you must book it and ensure that the vehicle(s) and the operators comply with the statutory requirements.You must obtain from parents or guardians written permission for the pupils to participate in the visit. The parents or guardians must be fully informed about the visit in a letter from the named organising teacher, which should
    • explain the nature and purpose of the visit (include aims and objectives)
    • outline the programme/itinerary
    • detail how and when pupils will be supervised
  • When the organisational details of the visit have been confirmed, check that all relevant forms, including insurance are completed.
  • Details of the visit, including the date, time, venue and programme details must to be given to all involved, including
    • the participating pupils
    • accompanying teachers
    • non-teacher supervisors
    • any officials who will receive/work with the school party
  • Everyone involved must be made aware of the nature and purpose of the visit. Pupils should be informed of its relation to and implications for their recent, current or impending learning and should be aware of what behaviour and work is expected of them at the venue. Accompanying teachers and any non-teacher supervisors must be carefully advised about their roles and responsibilities.
  • Participating officials need to know how their contributions will enhance or complement the pupils' work in school.
  • You must also ensure that everyone involved is aware of
    • contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances
    • first-aid facilities
    • emergency telephone numbers.
  • Members of the school office staff should be notified in writing of the dates and times of all visits and the pupils and teachers involved.
After the visit
  • Work completed by pupils either during or subsequent to an educational visit should be displayed publicly in the school.
  • The teacher should ensure that the senior management are informed of the progress of the visit and the conduct of the pupils so that appropriate comments/praise can be included in assemblies.
  • The employer who hosted the visit and the staff who covered lessons should be thanked in an appropriate way.
  • A report of the visit should be forwarded to the Head teacher for inclusion in the next parents’ newsletter and governors’ report.

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