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20 February 2015
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Parental Involvement

Pupils’ parents usually work in a broad spectrum of jobs and will have done so for many years. Their work experience and employability skills are an important resource relevant to the pupils - after all, they have seen how their parents provide for them through work, and their work areas are the very jobs the pupils may move into. However, you may have to make parents aware of the concept and importance of employability.

You must convince parents that their experience is relevant and valuable, and invite them to share it with your pupils. Parents can explain how the world of work has changed in their lifetime, talk about their career path and qualifications and note which skills they have considered most relevant in a job.

How to involve parents

  • Organise an ‘Employability Evening’ where you explain the concept of employability and its relevance to the pupils’ careers. Outline any activities that enable pupils to develop employability skills and display a wide range of information on the subject.
  • Once parents are aware of the concept of employability, you can ask them to complete a survey to assess their work experience and skills. Then invite them to share their expertise with the pupils at an open evening.
  • Ensure parents are briefed about work placements or industrial visits and the opportunities they provide.
  • Encourage parents to attend annual open evenings.

A record should be kept of each pupil’s developing employability skills and included in the school report so that parents and pupils can track their progress.

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