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20 February 2015
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Career toolbox

Teachers: careers library

The Careers Library as an Information Point

The careers library provides a focus point from which pupils can identify the skills, qualities, qualifications and experience they need for particular career areas.

You can locate the careers library in the main school library or within the careers suite. The careers library should contain a wide range of up-to-date and appropriate resources, including computer programmes. However, the extent of the library depends on the budget available to the careers department. The Training and Employment Agency provide a useful loan service and up-to-date information sheets on various careers.

Organising reference materials

All reference materials should be organised using an easily understood classification system. The most useful classification system is the Careers Library Classification Index (CLCI). This system is divided into two categories. Section A contains general information and Sections B to Y contain information about specific career areas.

A free copy of the CLCI system and recommended resources can be obtained by writing to

PO Box 298A,
Thames Ditton,
KT7 0ZS.

This resource highlights the essential reference material needed to create a careers library that caters for all age groups.

ICT - Software Packages

As part of any basic careers library, it is important that each school has information, guidance and educational software loaded onto a computer network or standalone computer. Pupils should have access to a careers information software programme that contains regularly updated information about different jobs/careers. A useful software package is Careersoft's Careers Information Database (CID) , which has information on over 800 different job titles with links to other useful programs. CASCAiD supply careers guidance software to schools in the UK.

Pupils should also have access to a careers guidance software program that uses self-evaluation to match responses to questions about the user’s interests, skills and aptitudes to requirements of continuing education, training and career choices.

Useful packages include:
Pathfinder - JIG-CAL Progressions Ltd


The Internet can enable pupils to identify the skills, qualities and qualifications required for various career path. UCAS gives pupils access to a wide range of information about higher education courses. It also provides links to all major higher education institutions in the UK. See our Links page for more career-based web sites.

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