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20 February 2015
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Teachers: occupational afternoons

Ideally, an occupation afternoon should be held at school and involve only one particular year group. The aim of the event is to increase a pupil’s knowledge of certain career areas, so you should invite representatives from specific career areas to visit your school and give two presentations about their career area. This should last approximately two hours.

Group the employees into occupational areas, with a maximum of three employees in any one group. For example, a medical group could consist of a doctor, nurse and a dentist. Ask your pupils to suggest the groups that interest them.

Each occupational session should last one hour. Direct the pupils to go to a particular group and listen as each member of the group gives a ten-minute presentation followed by a question and answer session. At the end of the session, ask the pupils to move on to their next selected occupational area.

When organising the event, you should
  • establish which year group will take part in the event
  • identify a date and book suitable rooms around the school
  • decide on the occupational groups and write to a range of people from those groups
  • display a list of the groups and ask pupils to sign up for sessions
  • organise for rooms to be set up for the event, including any hardware identified by the presenters
  • write to parents to inform them of the event and ask for their support
  • on the day, hold a briefing session for participants and nominate pupils to serve refreshments and give directions

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