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20 February 2015
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Get work in NI: Stay healthy

Most people associate Health and Safety guidelines with hazardous environments such as building sites  

and chemical laboratories, but health and safety guidelines are relevant to all workers!

Do you know enough about health and safety issues to protect yourself from painful and potentially fatal accidents?

Play our health and safety game

There are many hazards in even the most ordinary work place! These include:

  • noise accidents
  • manual handling
  • use of machinery
  • slips trips and falls
  • hazardous substances
  • repetitive movements
  • stress in the workplace
  • poorly trained or supervised workers
  • inadequate or no fire-fighting equipment

While in the workplace your employer must protect you from unnecessary accidents. Your employer must:

  • ensure that your workplace is safe
  • provide and maintain appropriate signage
  • consult you about health and safety issues
  • ensure that machinery and equipment is safe
  • provide any necessary protective equipment and clothing
  • set up emergency procedures and provide first aid facilities
  • give you information and training about safe work practices

However, you also have obligations - you must look after yourself and the other people in your workplace. You must:

  • correctly use work equipment provided
  • take care of your own health and safety
  • take care of the health and safety of others
  • co-operate with your employer in health and safety


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