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20 February 2015
Go Get It!

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Celebrities have an army of stylists, fitness consultants, life coaches and holistic experts to ensure that they stay ahead of the rest of the crowd. If you want to get the most from your life, become your own life coach and use our Goal Getter to get what you want!

Let's say you've got a problem in school -you're getting bad marks in your English essays. You wnat to improve your marks. Here's how you can use the Goal Getter to focus on your goal.

Tips Goal Getter
If you’ve got a problem and you goal is to solve it, your first step it to define what your problem is - like this. Problem

My English teacher gave me a bad mark in my essay.
That’s twice that’s happened now!
Then you should define your goal. My goal

To improve my English marks.
You'll need an incentive to work towards your goal. Write down how your life will improve when you achieve it - this will help you keep focussed if you find the going tough.


Achieving this goal will make my life better by…

  • making me feel better about my work
  • improving my performance in English and essay writing
  • improving my relationships with my teachers and friends
It’s a good idea to give yourself a definite deadline to achieve your goal - that way you’ll have a target to aim at. Timeframe

I will achieve my goal in time to hand in my next essay - that’s three weeks!
Go to Step Planner Now you've defined you goal, find out how you can use our Step Planner to get there!

Download the PDF
Download the blank Goal Getter


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