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20 February 2015
Go Get It!

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Get sussed : Smart learning

I'm a visual learner!
  • I write down things I want to learn - that’s how I remember them best.
  • I sit at the front of the classroom so I can see my teacher’s body language and facial expressions.
  • I use diagrams, illustrated textbooks, videos, handouts and visual displays to aid my learning.
  • I write detailed notes so I can absorb the information my teacher gives - sometimes I make sure I’m given extra time to do this.
  • When I’m working at home, I study in a quiet place on my own.
  • I use bright highlighter pens or markers to draw attention to important areas in my notes or work.
  • Because I am good at written communication, I could have a career as a journalist, writer or poet.

I'm a visual learner!
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