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20 February 2015
BBC Northern Ireland Learning - Citizenship - KS3/KS4

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Video vault

Video vault: Cross-community 1

BBC reporter:
This is the sort of scene which makes the Catholic Short Strand and the Protestant Woodstock Road (opposite) no-go areas at certain times of the year. But today a different sort of march made its way to celebrate a new wall.

Uncle Andy from 'Give My Head Peace' (TV programme):
The two schools came together and everyone made the faces and put the faces on the wall. And they actually spell out hope and it's hope for the two communities to get together, so they won't start beating the living daylights out of each other.


BBC reporter:
Forty children from the two communities met weekly over five months to get to know each other and finally to produce the masks.

It's good. It's like, it's well done. It was hard.

BBC reporter:
Why was it hard?

Because you had to sit and sculpture your face and you couldn't see what your face looked like.

BBC reporter:
So your face is one of those up there?


BBC reporter:
But you are much better looking than any of those.

I know...


Seana O'Hara, artist:
It's called "Tomorrow's Faces". A cross-community project with Nettlefield Primary School and St. Matthew's Primary School. It was to bring the two communities, to try to bring the two communities a wee bit closer.

Deirdre Robb, artist:
Using art is like an agent for change because it is so accessible and so engaging for the young people. It's for everybody.

BBC reporter:
Of course it wouldn't be Northern Ireland without the rumour machine starting. The new wall rang alarm bells with some politicians.

George Newell, Ballymacarrett Arts:
Well they actually thought it was another memorial, probably to the IRA or somebody like that there. When I explained to them it was an art sculpture done by the children it eh, it softened the blow for them.

BBC reporter:
The next move is to paint the wall. Not orange, not green - but a plain white for hope.

Maggie Taggart - BBC Newsline at Woodstock Link. (03/07/2003)

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