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20 February 2015
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Video Vault: Video 1: Take-away racism

BBC reporter:
But it's not all about people being forced from their homes. There is a more routine racism. The sort experienced by dozens of ethnic minority shopkeepers in both nationalist and loyalist areas.

To get a feel for this, I spent a weekend working in a kebab shop in a nationalist area. This is what happened.

(voices jeering and laughter)

BBC reporter:
The second night a group of lads come in and become increasingly abusive.


Customer 1:
Get your ******* asses into a boat and sail the whole way back to bam bam land.
Paki Sheep!

BBC reporter:
A jeer goes up. One of the lads has lent over the counter and spat in my face.

(more jeering)

Customer 2:
Leave him the **** alone, alright, they're ******* working...

BBC reporter:
Reassuringly, not everyone shares this vitriol - a local bloke has a go at the ones who didn't run away.

(indistinct voices)

BBC reporter:
Two days in the shop, the owner says to me: "Try two weeks here".

(Extract from report, BBC's Newsnight 13/10/2003)

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