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20 February 2015
BBC Northern Ireland Learning - Citizenship - KS3/KS4

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Co-operation Ireland’s Civic-Link Programme

Co-operation Ireland’s Civic-Link Programme is a co-operative venture between schools in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which are partnered with each other on a one to one basis. The purpose of this interaction is to bring about an understanding of and respect for another person’s viewpoint. Young people are given the confidence and ability to express their own and other people’s ideas and perspectives. They present, share and learn through the medium of face-to-face residential exchanges and develop problem-solving strategies together.

What we do?

  • Civic-Link is a year-long project, averaging approximately 30-40 teaching hours and 2 residential North/South exchanges.
  • It involves young people North & South, sharing and tackling issues, which affect their respective communities.
  • Each school identifies and researches a community problem, develops a practical solution and explores how they can take action at public policy level.
  • They share information, research and analysis with a "partner" group from the other jurisdiction and collaborate during residential exchanges in each other's communities to explore joint problem solving strategies.
  • They deliver a combined presentation about what they have learnt in relation to responsible citizenship, civic engagement and understanding each other's identity and traditions.

Examples of our work

  • Young people have tackled difficult issues such as binge drinking, sectarianism, bullying and racism.
  • During their exchanges they use active learning methods and drama techniques to create a safe environment where young people can explore their perceptions of each other.

Contact Details

Education Department
Co-operation Ireland
Glendinning House
6 Murray Street

Tel: 028 90 891006
Fax: 028 90 891000

Web: and

Education Department
Co-operation Ireland
20 Herbert Place
Dublin 2

Tel: +353 1 661 0588

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