Saint Patrick's Journey
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Weans' Thochts

Katie – aged 11

I think St Patrick would have a very big smile and big ears and green eyes.  It might have been a bit of a cheeky smile and his teeth I think might have been a bit rotten.  In the olden days there wasn’t as good as dentists as now.



He would be a jolly person and I think he would have had a sense of humour.



I think St Patrick would wear orangey brownish colour trousers and a dark brown jacket with light brown stripes and I think he would have a tie that had wee leprechauns on it. Maybe a shamrock ring or maybe like shamrock socks.



He could have worn a necklace, a cross necklace and he used it when he was praying.



Peter – aged 10

I think he was tall and very skinny and he had ginger hair and he had green clothes and a tall green top hat with a wee buckle on it.



I think that he might have carried like a big net to scoop up lots of snakes.



Whenever he was a missionary he probably carried a Bible around with him to read out of it and then to teach people about God.



I think he would have had like wee black shoes that were pointy and then like had a wee buckle there.



I think he might have been quite serious to people whenever he was telling them about God and all. He probably sometimes joked with people and like was laughing with them and when he saw people he knew he probably would have smiled at them but I think he’d probably have been quite a serious character.



I think he might have had a silver shamrock necklace and like, the shamrock wouldn’t be green, would be silver, because he used it to teach people about God because he said that one represented the Son, one was the Father and one the Holy Spirit.



Oran – age 11

I think St Patrick had a short beard and like very frizzy, short hair too. All tatty, very scruffy, all over the place, all dreadlocks right down his hair. And I think St Patrick wore a hat, very wide and very tall to make himself stand out and make him look different.



He wore like all messed up shoes.



Obviously his clothes would have been all scruffy because he would’ve wore them every day – wouldn’t change or anything. He would have wore the things priests wear now, very long and colourful.



And if he was walking, if it was that long, his shoes could have ripped the thing if he’d stood on them.



Rebecca – age 12

I think St Patrick had a beard, long and scruffy and had long hair, long and tatty – not brushed and wore green robes and wore sandals on his feet.



I think St Patrick might have looked a very kind and friendly person and easy to get along with. I think his face would’ve been bright and I think he’d a smiley face and eyes.



I think his clothes would have been tore, ripped and all scruffy. Since St Patrick didn’t change his clothes I think he could have been very smelly. I think some people might have minded but other people I think just didn’t mind because it wasn’t really his fault and he was such a kind person that they didn’t really mind.

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