Saint Patrick's Journey
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Fin oot tha fects

A'm knowed theday as Saunt Petherick, tha Patron Saunt o Airlan. Ye can caa me Petherick seein as A wusnae made a saunt tae eftèr A wus deid!

Tha mair ye can see picthurs o me in buiks an on paintit-gless wundaes - an on 17th Mairch iverie yeir, fowks mairk ma life wi festivals an pilgrimages - maist fowk dïnnae ken me ava. They get a wheen o bïts richt- an ither bits wrang. Whiles painters wud draa me drivin tha snakes oot o Airlan - thon aye gars me lach fur thair niver wus onie snakes in Airlan ava!

Noo, follae me an see whut fects ye can fin oot. Mine - a 'fect' is ocht that's knowed tae be true.


Saint Patrick

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