Saint Patrick's Journey

Slave / Herd

Whun A furst cum here, iveriethin lukt strange tae me - tha fowk, tha kintrieside, even tha meat. The’ taak’t Airish instead o tha Latin A wus uised tae - an tha claes wur naethin lake tha ‘toga’ A uised tae pit on.

A whiled awa tha days lukkin efter ma sheep an keepin them frae attecks by wile bastes an wolves. Whiles a sheep wud wannèr aff an A haed tae gang lukkin fur it. It wus a quare day’s darg, aye ootside in aa wather.

Thair’s a wheen o fowk houl A wus a slave at Slaimish in Coontie Antrim – an a hanfu o ithers ledge A wus in Coontie Mayo. Aa A’ll say is, that it wus a lang, lang wye frae hame.

Twa guid things did cum oot o ma time as a slave. A becum a true Christian an whiles A wud mak a hunner prayers in tha yin day! A lairnt tae taak Airish forbye. A didnae ken it back then – but this wud be quare an uisefu tae me in future.


Shepherd Slave

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