Saint Patrick's Journey

Paintit Gless

Stained gless wundaes can be uised tae pit ower a yairn aboot daeins frae lang syne.  Ettle tae fin oot whut happent tae Saunt Petherick whun he got awa frae Airlan.

Noo it’s yer ain toarn.  Luk intil the life o anither muckle Airish saunt an see if ye can pit thegither a series o wee panels tae gie oot the yairn o their leevins an daeins.

Tae wine up this activitie, ye'll hae tae doonloaden the PDF.

Doonloaden tha Paintit Gless Activity

This download is a 632 KB pdf. To view this activity you will need Adobe PDF viewer.


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