Saint Patrick's Journey
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Thair's a wheen o fowk stories an yairns connectit wi me. Yin o tha maist weel-knowed is tha celebration iverie yeir on 17th Mairch – St Petherick's Day. Fowk aa ower tha warl mairk ma life wi worship an sang, traditional Airish fuid an fowk music. Monie toons an cities houl big parades.

Anither heirskip is caain places eftèr me – lake toons such as Doon Petherick – an kirks an schuils forbye. See hoo monie ye can fin near ye.

Thair is a traditional ‘prayer' caaed Saunt Petherick's Breeshtplate – an fowk uised tae say A writ this masel. It's affen sung nooadays on 17th Mairch.



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