Saint Patrick's Journey
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Yairns an Oul Stories

Eftèr A deed, aa kines o stories aboot me stairtit tae cum oot! Here's twa o tha maist weel-knowed yins - an mine, these irnae true stories.

Hoo monie o ye hae heerd that A pit aa tha snakes oot o Airlan? A hae even heerd that A caad aa tha snakes thegither, pit them intae a box an cloddit tha box intae tha sea. Thon's tha raison why thair's nae snakes in Airlan theday an tha Airish Sea is ruch, caase tha snakes ir ettlin tae get oot o tha box! Thon's no true ava, fur, ye ken, thair niver wus onie snakes in Airlan tae stairt wi!

A wheen o fowk pit wee sprigs o shamroak on thaim on tha 17th o Mairch fur the' houl A uised tha shamroak whan lairnin fowks aboot God. A shamroak haes thrie leafs cumin oot o tha yin stem. God haes thrie pairts – tha Trinitie (Faither, Sinn an Halie Spurit) – but is yin God. Thair is nae proof that iver A daen this – but it's a uisefu wye fur ye tae unnerstan tha Trinitie.


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