Saint Patrick's Journey
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A wheen o Airish fowk becum monks. The' leeved simple lives giein aa thair time as sarvints o God.

Tha monks leeved in wee abbacies bigged o wuid an theekkit. Thair wus nae stane biggins in thaim days – an roon tooers jist cum in later. Tha monastries haed a kirk, a scriptorium that wus a place fur scrievin an a dinin ruim knowed as a ‘refectorie'. Tha monks slep in wee huts shaped lake bee skips an caad ‘cells'.

Tha monastries becum schuils o lairnin an pit oot wunnerfu airts an crafts forbye. Some monks left Airlan tae gang ower seas as missionaries an tae set up monastries. Ye can aye visit tha sites o monie important monastries in Airlan theday lake Devenish, Monasterboice an tha waa-heids at Nendrum.



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