Saint Patrick's Journey

Apenin o tha Hairt

Maist o tha stories aboot ma life wus writ doon hunnèrs o yeir eftèr A deed. Whut's wrang wi that is that tha scrieveners didnae get it aa richt! A writ twa things masel that ye can fin in Tha Buik o Armagh, kep in Trinitie College, Dublin.

Tha Buik o Armagh houls ma Confession that is tha furst bit o scrievin in Irish historie. It tells ye aboot ma life an ma mission in Airlan. Tha Buik o Armagh haes a copie o ma lettèr tae Coroticus forbye: he wus a prince wha's sodgers haed carriet aff a wheen o new-turnt Christians an soul thaim fur slaves. As ye weel micht think, A wusnae ower taen wi thon! Thair is a copie o Tha Buik o Armagh in Armagh.



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