Saint Patrick's Journey
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En o tha Raa

Here's whar A'll big ma kirk. Jist ower thonner, A near hae sicht o Emain Macha, auldrife forth o tha kings o Ulster. Ay, an forbye, this is tha site o a shrine whar tha druids warship aareadie. Fur certes, this is tha spot. Tha rig o tha sally tree.



Dinnae be feart, wee yin. Cum wi me, an we'll fin whar yer mither's at.



We'll gang ower tae thon ither hill an luk fur hir. It's caad 'Tha Sannie Knowe'. D'ye ken, it wud mak a quare an guid site fur a kirk forbye….



Luk, Petherick – ye can see hoo monie o tha Arish fowk ir turnin Christian an cumin here tae get baptise't - kings an princesses, tha weel aff an tha puir. An ye hae set up a wheen o kirks. Ye hae daen a brave an guid job o convertin tha Airish – but noo, ye'r no young onie mair – is it no time ye haed a rest?



A'm no jist readie tae awa aff yit. A maun scrieve tha accoont o ma life an daeins. Ye cudnae bring iz a new quïll an a blad mair o vellum? An A'll be lukkin a wheen o cannles an a brave lock o ink fur A hae screeds tae pit doon.



Et haec est Confessio mea antequam morior. An afore A dee this is ma hairt's confession...



He toul me that an angel haed cum up tae him in a dream an telt him whut maun be daen wi his corps.




These oxen wull cairry his corps tae its last restin place: The' ken whar tae gang an we maun fallae thaim.



Dun-leth-Glaisse. His last place o rest.



An sae the' say that ma corps wus pit tae rest here, in a place noo knowed as Doon Petherick. Efter a lang while, tha banes o twa ither saunts, Columcille an Brigid, wus brocht here tae rest wi me an tha thrie o iz ir sleepin in peace in this bonny pairt. Aiblins yin day ye'll cum here – ye'll be maist walcum.


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