Saint Patrick's Journey
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Celts in Airlan

Keltic Airlan, aboot yin thoosan an five hunner yeir bak, wus a gye differin kintrie frae theday. Tha fowk wur knowed as Kelts. The’ wur muckle warriors, metal-warkers an fairmers.

At thon time, thair wus nae toons nor roads an tha hale kintrie wus covert wi forest. Tha Kelts leeved thegither in tribes an iverie tribe haed its ain king. Hoo weel-aff ye wur wus coonted by tha nummers o beece ye owned an ocht else ye cud dale wi.

In thaim earlie days, Christianity wusnae weel knowed in Airlan. Heidyins caad ‘druids’ guided tha fowk: the’ wur wise an weel-schuiled, near as big aboot tha place as kings.


Celtic Ireland

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