Saint Patrick's Journey
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Monie yeirs afore writin wus brocht in, oor histrie, wise sayins an heirskip wus hannit doon frae faither tae sin by wurd o mooth. These stories whiles changed ower time (a bit lake Chinese Whuspers) an thon's why it wus a big thing got tae pit it aa doon. Tha Kelts wanted tae recoard names – whiles tae show wha owned a bit o lan, or tae tell wha wus buriet unnèr a stane. Theday ye can fin a wheen o these stanes yit, if ye ken whar tae luk.

Tha Kelts carved strokes intae stanes – an these strokes made lettèrs knowed as tha 'Ogham' or 'Keltic Tree' AhBC's. These ir tha furst foarms o scrievin fun in Airlan.

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