Saint Patrick's Journey
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Whun A wus a weefla, A went tae a Roman schuil whur A wus lairned tha readin, scrievin an sums. We uised quills fur pens, an vellum tae scrieve on, an we made ink oot o berries an tree bark. We uised a coontin frame tae coont wi – an o coorse, iveriethin wus in tha Latin – in parteeklar oor 'oratorie' lessons that tuk in tha airt o stannin up an taakin afore fowk.

Dae ye ken even theday, docthurs still uise Latin wurds fur pairts o tha bodie? An scientists uise Latin names fur leevin things lake plants an beece. In fect, tha wurd fur a human bein is 'homo sapiens' that means 'thinkin man'.

Tak a turn yersel noo at tha Latin activity: ye'll be tuk bak by tha much ye aareadie ken!


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