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Romans in Brittain

A wus boarn intae a Roman-British femlie. D'ye ken whut thon means? Weel, whun A wus boarn, pairts o tha kintrie wus in tha 'Roman Empire' an that means Rome ruled ower thaim.

Tha Romans cum frae Italy an conquer't pairts o Brittain – but jist sae ye unnerstan, tha Romans niver tuk ower tha maist o Scotlan (tha mair it wus caad Pechtlan bak then) an the' haed tae big a waa tae houl Inglan an Scotlan apairt! Ye micht o heerd o Hadrian's Waa? An the' didnae conquer Airlan ether!

Tha Romans brocht monie things wi thaim. The' leeved in villas - an their heid engineers bigged roads an toons forbye. Maist o aa, tha Romans brocht tha Christian religion behin thaim.


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