Saint Patrick's Journey
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Hame Leevin

Monie fowk hae tried tae wark oot whar A wus boarn an A've heerd A cum frae Inglan, Scotlan, Wales an even France. Weel, A'm nae gaun tae gie awa ma secret – but whut A can tell ye is A wus brocht up nearhan tae a pairt caad Bannavem Taberniae, nae far frae tha shore.

Ma faither, Calpurnius, wus a 'decurion': A jalouse nooadays ye'd say he wus a toon cooncillor. He wus a deacon in tha kirk forbye. Ma granfaither, Potitus, wus a preesht. We leeved in a hoose caad a 'villa' an haed sarvints that wur lake pairt o oor femlie. A spent ma days giein a han in tha fiels tae A cum tae seven yeir oul an A haed tae gang tae schuil.


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