Saint Patrick's Journey

Site Credits

Our thanks to the following people for their contribution they have made to the Saint Patrick's Journey website:

Educational Consultants

Dr George Beale, Head of Teaching and Learning (History), Stranmillis University College, Belfast, for taking time to meet with the production team to review content for the children's area and for giving access to his research material contained within the 'Early Christian Ireland' publication, written by Dr George Beale and Richard McMinn.

Maura Hughes, Assistant Advisory Officer, Science and Technology, World Around Us, NEELB, for her consultative role on the project and assistance from her team to link the resource to aspects of the revised Northern Ireland curriculum.


Saint Patrick Centres

We would like to thank Christine Donnelly from Armagh Trian for making us so welcome and for her help in organising for the production team to observe a school visit to the centre.

Our thanks also go to Rachel Osbourne, Learning Advisor, at the Downpatrick Centre for organising a personal tour of the centre and providing an insight into how the tour is structured for a primary school audience.

Primary School

Grateful thanks to Catherine Frizzell from Tandragee Primary School for giving up her time to meet with the BBC production team and arranging user testing sessions at the school.

Our thanks to the pupils of Tandragree Primary School, for their comments and feedback on how to enhance the site.

Thanks also go to Philomena Jordan from Saint Brigid's Primary School in Downpatrick for the use of the school's library and interactive whiteboard resources for user testing.

We would like to thank the pupils of Saint Brigid's Primary School for the submission of their artwork to the Saint Patrick's Journey Gallery and for their constructive suggestions on how the site could be developed for both younger and older children.

We would also like to acknowledge the lovely artwork sent in from Lisnadill Primary School and Orchard County School.

Production Team:

Fifth Business

Senior Design & Team Leader:

Multimedia Engineer:

Project Manager:

Richard Chisholm - Illustrator and Site Design

Mike Edwards

Rose Barnard


Laura Spence:

Órfhlaith Ní Chearnaigh:

Douglas Carney:

Etta Halliday:

John Simpson:

Valerie Smyth:

Colin McEntee:

Ryan Adams:

Phyllis McFarlane:

Antaine Ó Donnaile:

Jane Cassidy:

Producer Ulster-Scots

Assistant Producer Online, Irish

Web Assistant, Learning

Marketing Executive, Learning

Sound Supervisor

Audio Operator

Web Design, FMT Technology

Technical Project Manager, FMT Technology

Senior Content Producer, Learning

Executive Producer, Irish Language

Managing Editor, Learning, Language and Social Action

Grateful thanks to Laura Spence, for the scripting of the children's area and the animation sequences. To Douglas Carney for the stain-glass window video compilation and to Etta Halliday for the recordings of the Children's views about Saint Patrick.

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