Saint Patrick's Journey
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You do well to fast. Soon you will depart for your home country.



Go back to sleep, my woolly friends. I must have been dreaming. I dreamt an angel was talking to me.


Baaaa yourself. It must be because I didn't eat anything yesterday. My empty tummy must be giving me strange dreams. Let's go back to sleep again.



Behold, your ship is ready.



Well my woolly ones, I can't ignore this – it's a message from an angel called Victoricus. He's told me that I must go back to my home country and he says there's a boat waiting for me. I'm sorry to leave you, my friends – we have spent a lot of time together on this mountain-top and I'll miss you. (Sadly) Bye-bye.



I had to abandon the sheep and run away from my master and I felt a bit guilty about that – but I knew I had to do what the angel had told me. Leaving my familiar hills, I set off to find the ship that would take me home. Even though I'd been in Ireland for six years now, I'd never travelled further than my master's lands and I didn't know the country at all - but God guided me and I wasn't frightened of anything.



I walked and walked – about two hundred miles – until I got to the coast and there was a ship, just like the angel had shown me in my dream, getting ready to sail.



Hello there. I have had a dream about this ship. An angel told me to come on board and you would take me home.




By no means attempt to go with us.



Come quickly because the men are calling you.



Come, because we are admitting you out of good faith; make friendship with us in any way you wish.




And so my dream had come true. I had left my days of slavery behind and made my escape. I didn't know what lay ahead of me – but I did know that God was looking out for me. He had shown me this by sending the angel in my dreams: and now I was on this ship and heading home at last.

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