Saint Patrick's Journey

Shepherd Slave

When I first came here, everything seemed strange to me - the people, the countryside, even the food. They spoke Irish instead of the Latin I was used to - and the clothes were different from the toga I used to wear.

I spent the days protecting my animals from attacks by wild beasts and wolves. Sometimes a sheep would wander off and I had to search for it. It was a hard life working outdoors.

Some people think I was a slave near Slemish in County Antrim and others believe that I was in County Mayo. All I'll say is that it was far from home.

Two good things did come out of my time as a slave. I became a true Christian and sometimes I would say a hundred prayers in one day! I also learned to speak Irish. I didn't realise it at the time but this would be useful to me in future.


Shepherd Slave

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