Saint Patrick's Journey
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Myths and Legends

After I died, all kinds of stories about me began to appear! Here are two of the most popular ones - and remember, these are not true stories.

How many of you have heard that I banished all the snakes from Ireland? I've even heard that I called all the snakes together, put them into a box and threw the box into the sea. That is why there are no snakes in Ireland today and the Irish Sea is rough because the snakes are trying to get out of the box! This is not true because in fact, there never were any snakes in Ireland!

Many people wear sprigs of shamrock on the 17th March believing that I used the shamrock in my Christian teaching. A shamrock has three leaves but is one plant. God has three parts - the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) - but is one God. There is no evidence that I ever did this - but it's a useful way for you to remember the Trinity.


Myths and Legends

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