Saint Patrick's Journey
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This is where I'll build my chief church. Just over there, I can almost see Emain Macha, ancient fortress of the kings of Ulster. Yes, and after all, this is the site of a shrine where the druids worship already. Definitely - this is the place. The ridge of the willow tree.



Don't be afraid little one. Come and we'll see if we can find your mum.



We'll walk across to that other hill and see if we can find her. It's called the Sandy Hill... Funny, it would make a great location for a church too…



Look, Patrick – you can see how many of the Irish people are becoming Christians and coming here to be baptised - kings and princesses, rich and poor – and you've founded lots of churches. I mean, you've made a brilliant job of converting the Irish – but now, you're not a young man anymore. Is it not time you had a rest?



I'm not quite ready to finish yet. I have to write the story of my life and my work. Can you bring me a fresh quill and some vellum? And I'll need some candles and plenty of ink for I have a lot to write…



Et haec est Confessio mea antequam morior. And this is my confession before I die...



He told me that an angel had appeared to him in a dream and told him what must be done with his body.




These oxen will carry his body to its final resting place: they know where to go and we just have to follow them.



Dun-leth-Glaisse. His final resting place.



And so it is said that my body was laid to rest here, in a place now known as Downpatrick. In time, the bones of my fellow saints, Columba and Brigid, were brought here to rest with me and the three of us are sleeping peacefully in this tranquil place. Perhaps one day you will visit here – you'll be most welcome.


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