Saint Patrick's Journey


Walk through Time:

Explore history from Roman Britain to the present day, through the use of timelines and games.

History for Children:

Choose from a number of BBC History resources designed specifically for you. Here you will find sites ranging from the Roman Empire to World War II.


Use the fact file provided to learn about how the Celts lived - what clothes they wore, the weapons they used and what religions they embraced.




Ogham Stones: (RESEARCH LINK)

Learn about megalithic Ireland and see where in Ireland Ogham stones can be found.

Tourism Ireland: (Activity Link)

Find out facts about Saint Patrick and how his memory is celebrated today.

History World - History of the Celts:

Learn the history of the Celts, their legacy and about Druids.

Book of Kells: (Research Link)



BBC - Link to Saint Patrick site:

BBC Ancient British History:

Learn about British Prehistory, the wide array of thriving cultures, sites and artefacts.

Non-BBC Sites - The History of Saint Patrick:
Watch videos and read articles dedicated to the story, celebrations and myths behind Saint Patrick.

Making a Timeline:

Here you are guided through the process of creating a timeline, from planning the timeline to drawing it.

Ogham Stones:

Online encyclopaedia entry detailing what Ogham Stones are, how they where used and how to correctly identify the Ogham alphabet.

Tourism Ireland:

Find out facts about Saint Patrick and how his memory is celebrated today.

Downpatrick Centre:

Visit the centre that is dedicated to the story of Saint Patrick - from his kidnap by raiders to his eventual death.

Saint Patrick's Country:

Learn about the places Saint Patrick is said to have visited in the counties of Down and Armagh. Gain tourist information on the important places to visit.

Armagh Trian:

Visit the Saint Patrick's Trian visitor centre in Armagh and experience the three exhibitions it has to offer - The Armagh Story, Patrick's Testament - The Book of Armagh and The Land of Lilliput.

Book of Kells: (Research Link)

Ulster Museum:

Visit the Ulster Museum and see the Saints and Scholars exhibition at the newly re-opened venue.


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