Saint Patrick's Journey

Introduction - How to use this site

Welcome to the 'Saint Patrick's Journey' website aimed at 7-11 year olds. Although primarily aimed at children, adults will also enjoy the interactive experience and perhaps learn a few things too along the way about the life and work of our great Patron Saint of Ireland - 'Saint Patrick'.

Designed to complement the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stages 1 and 2 with a focus on the 'The World Around Us' and links to: 'Language and Literacy', 'Personal Development' , 'Mutual Understanding' (PDMU) and The 'Arts', the site offers a flexible resource that children can use either: independently, in pairs or in groups, for classroom discussion and whiteboard activities.

Parents may also like to share the experience with their child; for details of individual activities visit our Curricular Links page.

The resource aims to offer the young learner a series of learning journeys through: animations, games, quizzes, videos and offline activities and suggestions that help to promote active learning and the development of thinking and personal capability skills.

Designed in a flexible way these learning journeys are placed in the hands of the children so they can choose how they want to approach their learning experience by either:

  • jumping 'in and out of' relevant parts of the resource that relate to a particular 'Ideas for Connecting Learning' (ICLs) theme - see CCEA website for more information on connected learning.


  • by choosing to accompany the animated Saint Patrick character - who sets them on an adventure to find FIVE hidden parts of a stain-glass window; leading the learner sequentially through the stages of Saint Patrick's life. The stain-glass window joins together to reveal a hidden phrase and a password that unlocks an exciting reward online.

The resource connects to the Northern Ireland Curriculum on a range of levels - see curriculum objectives and intended learning outcome charts.

Visit our Curricular Links page for ideas for classroom activities and how they link to the Northern Ireland Curriculum.


Activity Sheets

The resource provides a selection of Acitivity Sheets that help to promote active learning:

  1. 1. Timelines and How to Use Them - Creating a Saint Patrick 'Timeline and Diary'
  2. 2. Introduction to Roman Numerals
  3. 3. Classroom Drama - 'Kidnapped' and discussion on slavery.
  4. 4. Geography Map Activity
  5. 5. 5th Century Costumes and Jewellery
  6. 6. Ogham Stones

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Image Bank

Image Bank provides a series of images and graphics that the children can download to use either to write a newspaper report, or construct a PowerPoint presentation about the life and work of Saint Patrick to present to the class.

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The Gallery provides a platform where children can have their artwork showcased on a BBC website.

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As the children journey through the site they will be introduced to a range of 'keywords' - these words have been included in a glossary to help extend their vocabulary.

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Web Links

Visit our Web Links page for a selection of our recommended sites aimed at children, parents and teachers.

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