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Welcome to News Factory - a portal from BBC Northern Ireland featuring educationally relevant clips drawn from our local news programmes which you can use in your lessons or presentations.

These clips are categorised according to some of the main areas of the Northern Ireland curriculum.

They can be used in many ways; from the stimulation and engagement of students to the delivery of very specific learning points. All the material featured here is drawn from BBC Newsline.

You can browse through the clips by category, or select all clips. Each clip is tagged and you can use these to find similar clips.

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Titanic ceremony

(BBC Newsline 6.30 - 31/03/2009 / Reporter: Mike McKimm) On the hundredth anniversary of laying the Titanic keel, a special ceremony is held to mark the event.


The News Factory Clips are categorised into 5 categories.

Recently Added Clips

Asteroid Alert!


Play ButtonAsteroid Alert!

(BBC Newsline 6.30 - 25/03/2009 / Reporter: Mike McKimm) A phone call to Belfast scientists said there was an eighty ton asteroid heading for earth at thirty thousand miles an hour and would they be able to track it with a telescope?

Asteroid watch


Play ButtonAsteroid watch

(BBC Newsline 6.30 - 13/02/2009 / Reporter: Mike McKimm) An asteroid striking Earth is a nightmare scenario we hope to avoid - but how well are we prepared to spot "near Earth events"?

War exhibition


Play ButtonWar exhibition

(BBC Newsline 6.30 - 10/02/2009 / Reporter: Pete Melly) An exhibition in Belfast exploring the legacy of two World Wars is aimed at helping new generations understand and learn from what happened.


School Reports

School Reports

During School Report Week young reporters appeared on radio and TV programmes right across BBC NI.



Explore the story of news in Northern Ireland from the 1950s to the present day..

BBC Newsline

BBC Newsline

News Factory clips are drawn from BBC Northern Ireland's main evening news programme BBC Newsline - get more information and special reports on the BBC Newsline website.

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