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Promote Your Day Out... with Print and WebNow you're ready to put your thoughts down in print. Use our handy guides to create an award-winning poster, brochure, website or leaflet. Just follow a few simple layout rules and you'll be a master of print and web.

Print & Web

Printable activities

Sarah and Callum's poster

Sarah & Callum's Posters

Take a look at Sarah's and Callum's posters promoting their great day out in Bangor.

Top design and layout tips

Top design and layout tips

We've compiled a list of top tips to help you design a logo and layout your posters, brochures and leaflets.

Website building tips

Website building tips

A handy guide for making a website to promote a great day in your local area.

Sarah & Callum's Brochure

Sarah & Callum's Brochure

Download and have a look at Sarah & Callum's Brochure about Bangor.

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