The Siege

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Can you survive the siege as a Jacobite spy?

Your mission is to look after Jacobite interests in the garrison town of Londonderry. You are their eyes and ears in the city. Walk along the walls and collect any useful conversations you overhear. Report back with your intelligence by placing your messages in an empty mortar shell. Use the cannons to fire the shells into the Jacobite camp where they will be retrieved. Avoid detection at all costs! Remember to keep on the move or you’ll attract the attention of the guards and you'll be thrown in prison.

Set around the walls of Londonderry, the Siege Mediascape brings to life the key events of the 1689 Siege using contemporary real life accounts interspersed with dramatized reactions from townspeople. Excerpts from the diaries and journals of Captain Thomas Ash, Reverend George Walker, Captain Richards are contained in this educational, atmospheric espionage activity. Devices are normally available to hire, for free, from the BBC - however for technical reasons the PDAs for our mediascapes are not available at present..


To experience The Siege mediascape:

I. Begin at the Tower Museum, Union Hall Place, BT48 6LU. Start the Mscape player on your mobile device.

II. Select the Siege mediascape.Tap the screen to listen to the instructions.

III. Make your way to Hangman's Bastion, which is located on the walls between Butcher's Gate and Shipquay Gate along Magazine street.

IV. Listen to your mission by tapping on the screen.

V. Tap on the screen to begin your mission.

VI. Walk along the walls in an anti-clockwise direction. Keep on the move and listen to the conversations of passers-by.

VII. You need to collect primary source accounts using the collect button.

VIII. The more accounts you collect the better your reward.

IX. Use the cannon in the bastions to send your messages into the Jacobite camp.

X. Keep on the move and watch out for the guards, if you're caught they'll throw you in prison.

XI. Your mission ends when you reach Magazine gate.

Troubleshooting your mediascape

Hardware and Software Requirements

Disclaimer: Users are advised to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for location and weather. The BBC can not be held responsible for any accidental injury/damage that may occur in your choice to experience this Mediascape.