The Ghosts of Nendrum

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Download Nendrum directions (pdf, 3.6MB).

Download Ghosts of Nendrum mission (pdf, 3.6MB).


Removing the artefacts from the monastic site has disturbed the spirits. Now nine ghosts haunt Nendrum and each spirit has a tale to tell. Explore the ruined monastery, locate each of the nine spirits and return the artefact to the right owner to put the ghosts to rest and unlock the secret of Nendrum.

Meet the former inhabitants of Mahee Island with the Ghosts of Nendrum Mediascape.This mobile activity provides an engaging way for small groups to find out about the early Christain origins of the Nendrum Monastic site. The game illustrates the power of archaeology and demonstrates how uncovered artefacts reveal the past lives of a location's inhabitants. Devices are available to hire, for free, from the BBC, please contact


The Ghosts of Nendrum Mediascape can only be played at the Nendrum Monastic site.

To experience the Ghosts of Nendrum mediascape:

1. Collect the mobile devices from BBC NI.

2. Make you way to Nendrum Monastery; visit the visitor's centre to find out more about the site.

3. Outside the visitor's centre, start the mscape player and load the Ghosts of Nendrum mediascape.

4. Listen to the introduction and instructions.

5. When you're ready, make you way to the inner cashel.

6. Use the map on the screen to explore the site.

7. You are the blue figure, the red pins represent the nine ghosts.

8. Approach each ghost and listen to his story.

9. Think about what he did and select an artefact he may have used.

10. Return the artefact; if you've selected the correct artefact the Bell of nendrum will ring.

11. When you have returned all nine artefacts; the secret of Nendrum will reveal itself to you.

Troubleshooting your mediascape [PDF download]

Disclaimer:Suitable for 8 years of age upwards. Health & Safety: users are advised to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the terrain and weather. The BBC can not be held responsible for any accidental injury/damage that may occur in your choice to experience the Nendrum Mediascape.

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