Q. What is a mediascape???

Like radio on the move, a mediascape is a location based mobile audio/video experience. A mediascape (mscape) is created by plotting audio, video or graphics on a map and saving it onto a GPS-enabled portable device such as a PDA or mobile phone. As the user explores the location with the device, audio and/or video relating to each location are triggered and played.

Q. What do I need to run a mediascape?

  1. Mediascapes only run on a mobile device; phone, PDA or smart phone, that has GPS, a touch screen and runs Windows Mobile 2003 second edition or higher. As the software only runs on a limited number of devices, we provide a bank of PDAs with the games and software installed ready for hiring by small groups.

  2. Devices are free to hire and available for groups of up to twenty members; please contact nimobilelearning@bbc.co.uk

  3. See HP Mediascapes User Guide for more information on suitable phones and access to the software.

  4. Further information on the origination and development of the mediascapes (mscapes) software can be found on Wikipedia.

Q. How do I play a mediascape?

  1. Contact nimobilelearning@bbc.co.uk for free hire of appropriate devices.

  2. All our mediascapes are anchored to a particular location, so you'll need to be at that location to play each activity.

  3. Just before you arrive at your starting point, turn on your device and load the mscape player. Select your game. This allows the GPS time to get your bearing.

  4. Listen to your instructions carefully, each game has a different mission and narrative.

  5. All the activities rely on tracking your location with GPS. GPS can be affected by the time of year and weather. If you experience problems running the mediscape on your device then refer to our PDF Mediscapes troubleshooting guide.