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University of Ulster media students worked with the BBC on the interactive coverage of the Milk Cup 2010 at the university's studios in Coleraine. A team of students have been creating a series of four short films around the event with the assistance of two BBC mentors.


UUC students 2010

Some of the UUC media students with BBC editor Michael Simon (far left).
Richard Faragher and Julie Lillis (back row), David Thompson and Daniel Wilson (front row).


With the help of BBC Sport reporter Denise Watson, BBC editor Michael Simon and Teaching Fellow in Journalism at the University Maggie Swarbrick, students David Thompson, Daniel Wilson, Richard Faragher, Julie Lillis, Neil McConville, Stuart Campton and James Tait got out and about to bring you four fantastic features. You can see the completed videos by following the links below...

China's Skills
Julie Lillis reports on the Elite China team competing in the Milk Cup tournament for the first time ever.

The GMac Factor
James Tait, Stuart Compton and Neil McConville look at what Graeme McDowell's US Open triumph has meant for the north coast of Northern Ireland he hails from.

The Rise Of The Rising Sun
Richard Faragher takes a closer look at the Elite Japanese side as the country goes from strength to strength on the global footballing stage.

United Against Hate
David Thompson and Daniel Wilson report on how the 'Unite Against Hate' campaign hopes to show the world a different side to Northern Ireland.


To watch the work from the the class of 2009, follow this link... UUC 2009

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