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16 October 2014
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The Plantation
1916 Easter Rising
The Troubles
A State Apart

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Journey through the major periods of Ireland's history from the middle ages to present day width comprehensive web site featuring essays, audio and video from BBC NI Learning
William as a boy, Het Loo, William III William III

There is more to King Billy than his victory at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. Click through this tabloid edition of the life and times of King William III and discover the real man behind the famous Ulster wall mural.
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Plantation Montage of Plantation Images
Northern Ireland's religious and political conflict can be traced to the 17th century Plantation of Ulster. Visit the Plantation web site and learn about the English and Scottish planters.
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Suggest a Question Live chat with Dr John McCavitt on the Ulster Plantation from February 2003 >>

Montage of Easter Rising Images Easter Rising
The rebels who led Ireland's 1916 insurrection were mocked on the streets of Dublin. Our Easter Rising web site tells the story of how their executions led to the political demand for Irish independence.
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Suggest a Question Live chat with Brian Barton on the 1916 Easter Rising from February 2003 >>

The Troubles Montage of The Troubles Images
Why did it take 30 years to get from the civil rights demands in 1968 to the Good Friday Agreement in 1998? Through a series of articles, media clips and photographs the Troubles web site takes you through Northern Ireland's turbulent history.
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Montage of A State Apart Images A State Apart
In May 1998 the Good Friday Agreement was signed in Belfast. Learn more about the elements of this historic agreement through our 'A State Apart' web site.
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Bitesize Revision

Northern Ireland 1965-85 >>

Revise and test your knowledge with GCSE Bitesize! Refresh your knowledge of NI events from Terence O'Neill's rule through to the Anglo-Irish agreement.


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