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16 October 2014
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Writers Showcase

The Writers' Showcase is where we display your submitted works.

Take a browse through the short stories and poems sections for inspiration and if you feel like commenting, feel free to contact the Get Writing Team - enclosing the title of the work and the name of the author.

Read submissions from local writers or submit your work to - please note we cannot accept any submissions containing profanity.

Comments are displayed beneath the specific work being commented about. The BBC will display as many of the comments as possible but we cannot guarantee to display all comments.

Writer of the Week
Sally Rodé
Writer of the week
Sally Rodé
Writer of the week is randomly generated from our extensive database of writers who submit to our showcase.


Submit Your Work
Send us your short stories (1,000 - 1,500 words) or poems (around 40 lines) and we'll publish your work online. Be sure to enclose a short biography (around 50 words) and a photo or we won't be able to display your work. Each week, we'll showcase one local writer.

The BBC will showcase as many of your submissions as possible but we cannot guarantee that all submissions will be published.

  Local competitions
Submit your work to competitions.


Andrew Bellamy - Drip
Andrew Murphy - Godsend
Al Smyth - Lucky Numbers
Alan Heron - The Island
Art Nolan - Upgrade
Art Nolan - Either Side of the Hill
Brendan McDonnell - Patsy's Last Pint
Brendan McMahon - The Tale of the Lunchbox
Brendan McMahon - The Good Deed
Brendan McMahon - The Elusive Salmon
Brendan McMahon - The Call from the Kitchen
Brendan McMahon - The Price of a Permit
Brian Gillespie - A Secret Hands
Brian Gillespie - Camera Hands
Brian Gogarty - Dishpan Hands
Brian McNulty - Letters
Colette O'Hare - Butch the Dog
Colette O'Hare - It Isn't Over Til They Pull the Plug
Colette O'Hare - Last Of The Summer Holidays
Colette O'Hare - Somebody Got Shot
Colin Cather - A Word in the Hand
Clive Robinson - The Gardener
David Braziel - Hiding From the Sun
David Braziel - Remnants Found in Ruins
David Hollis - At the Doctor's Surgery
David Lewis - At the Post Office
Debra Lilley - The Flight's Delayed
Eamonn McGinty - A Barking Dog
Elizabeth Worth - Absent
Ellie Rose McKee - Emily
Emerald-Rae Maguire - Familiar
Emma Jones - Lily Pink
Emma Jones - The Party
Emma Jones - Streets
Emma Jones - A Stroll
Emma Walsh - Danny Griffin
Fergal McGuckin - Beating the System
Fergal McGuckin - Kitcheners' Recruits
Geraldine Foley - Hear Hear
Gordon Williams - Cut Final
Haim Kadman - The Bird of Paradise
Haim Kadman - A Haphazard Date
Helen Eccles - Love on St Valentine's day
Helen Eccles - Off the Beaten Track
Helen Eccles - A Couple of Day's Digression
Helen Eccles - The Man Who Looked Like Dylan Thomas
Ian Campbell - A Stitch in Time
Jacqueline McDevitt - Alice
Joanne Dornan - Guessing Games
Joanne Waugh - Blood stained boots
Joanne Waugh - Licence to mourn
Joanne Waugh - Mr Music
Joanne Waugh - Mr Pecks
John Allen - The Birthday Party
John Martin - The Long Hour
John McAndrew - The 39 Steps re-told
John McAndrew - The Dressing Room
John McDonnell - The Sounds in his Head
John McDonnell - Unchained Melody
Jonathan Traynor - Traffic and Travel
Julie-Anne Graham - The scribble that got unscrambled
Kevin Connolly
- The greatest author never to put pen to paper
Kevin Connolly
- Requiem for a country divided
Kevin Morgan
- Fragments
Lynda Tavakoli - Two Voices
Lynda Tavakoli - At the Gate
Matt Garrett - Resolution
Marie Napier - Going Back
Mike Boyle - The Golden Goal
Mark Cooper - Longtail's End
Mark Cooper - Road Rugby
Mark Lee - Office Romance
Mark Lee - I Wanted to Believe
Mark Shields - On the Road Back from Toome
Marlowe Canning - The Confused Story of Missy and Jesper
Marlyn Cooper - My Neighbour
Mary Ellen Hayward - Harvest Day
Mary Ellen Hayward - Sunny Days and Thunderbolts
Mel Bradley - Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
Mel Bradley - The River
Michael McFall - The Circus
Neil Sweetman - King Cong
Niall McAvera - Supermarket Beep
Nicky McCusker - A Toast
Nicky McCusker - Run-a-round
Norah Harvey - What Price Loyalty
Paul Butterfield - Moving On
Paul McLaughlin - All That Matters
Paul McLaughlin - An Answer to a Prayer
Paul McBride - Ms. Yamato
Peter McClean - 51PEG
Peter Mitchell - Bird Watching
Rhoda Watson - Berries Ripe
Rhoda Watson - When the Bubble Burst
Robin McConnell - Bloody Gnomes Ville
Rory O'Neill - Unfortunate Mischief
Sam Quigg - The Dream
Samantha Bailie - Peppermint kisses
Sally Rodé- Thank You
Sarah McNeill- Lucky
Serena J.K.- The Impossible Mission
Stephen Adamson - Waiting for Dad
Stephen Adamson - Alfred's Bad Day
Stephen Brown - Dogstory
Stephen Brown - The Great Lawn Run
Stephen McKiernan - Marphy's Slip
Susmita Bhattacharya - Metting Munnie
Susmita Bhattacharya - The Prophecy
Tammy Moore - Bunch of Smiles
Tammy Moore - Cracks
Taneth Russell - Behind My Eyes
Taneth Russell - Grounded
Taneth Russell - Shifting Focus
Tom Finnigan - Burial in Spring
Tom Finnigan - Jenny, I hardly knew ye
Tom Finnigan - Lady in Red
Tom Finnigan - Return to Lagg
Tom Finnigan - Russian Vespers
Tom Finnigan - The Last Tutorial
Warwick Dalzell - Eddie
Warwick Dalzell - Heartbreak for Jimmy
Warwick Dalzell - The First Stone
Warwick Dalzell - The Skin Man
Warwick Dalzell - VE Day


Alan Crawford - Fantasy
Alan Crawford - 60th Birthday
Alan Crawford - Have You Ever?
Alan Crawford - I Could Ask
Alan Crawford - Last Nights
Alan Crawford - Poetry Lands on the Page
Alex Pryce - Ad Astra (To The Stars)
Alex Pryce - A Boat Blue
Alex Pryce - Tenebrae
Alex Pryce - 3.45 am
Amanda Dean - A Goblin in my Gin
Amanda Dean - Angels in Woodland
Amy Gunn - My Brother, My Father
Andrew Bellamy - Confusions
Andrew Bellamy - The Promise
Andrew Bellamy - Thoughts of Warm Home
Andrew Bellamy - Waiting for the cars
Andrew Bellamy - Various haiku
Andi Dawson
- The Bar
Andi Dawson - You
Andi Dawson - Competition
Andi Dawson - Lost
Andi Dawson - Done For
Andi Dawson - Fate
Annette Carter - Balmy Nights
Annette Carter - Crude Carving
Annette Carter - The Break-up
Ann Colton - A Prayer to the integrity of words
Ann Colton - Divorcing the offspring
Ann Colton - Kid on the factory floor
Ann Colton - Omagh Seat of Chiefs
Ann Colton - Mother's Wardrobe
Aziz Baako - The Grace of my race
Basanta Kar - Exile
Basanta Kar - Canvas
Basanta Kar - Panorama
Basanta Kar - Too Late
Basanta Kar - Veil
Brian Bailey - A Duodenal Ulster
Brian Bailey - Camouflage
Brian Bailey - Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Brian Gogarty - Best Foot Forward
Brian Gogarty - Election Fight (Nov 2003)
Brian Gogarty - Red Sky at Night
Brian Gogarty - Belfast's Picture Thief
Brian Murray - Dragon Amongst the Roses
Brian Murray - The Lagan
Brian Murray - What If
Brian Nesbitt-Clarke - Belfast: - Arrival
Brian Nesbitt-Clarke - Douglas
Brendan McDonnell - The Burren in the Rain
Brendan McDonnell - Haiku
Brendan McMahon - The Lovers
Brendan McMahon - The Swimmer
Brendan McMahon - The River
Calum Jones - Oh Contentedeness
Calum Jones - Sword
Carolann North - Addiction
Carolann North - Epilogue
Carolann North - Six Feet
Caroline Ryan - The Field
Caroline Ryan - Angry like the Moon
Caroline Ryan - There She Is
Caroline Stokesberry - Moons Core
Caroline Stokesberry - Feather Father
Caroline Stokesberry - The Burning Light
Caroline Stokesberry - Defend
Carolyn O'Connell - Ripened
Carolyn O'Connell - Chapel Rock
Cathal McGuigan - Second hand
Cathal McGuigan - We, The Half Doors
Cat Mittinger - Cyber Street Ruses
Cat Mittinger - Sandcastles
Cat Mittinger - Sunday Afternoon
Cat Mittinger - Untitled
Charli Martin - Purple Ribbons
Claire Murray - I Remember You
Claire Murray - Exhale
Clare O'Reilly - Bog Woman
Clare O'Reilly - Maynooth Castle
Clare O'Reilly - Four Year Speak
Clare O'Reilly - Mercy
Clare O'Reilly - Natural History
Clare O'Reilly - National Tree Day
Colette O'Hare - Mistake
Colette O'Hare - Paraffin
Colette O'Hare - The Pram
Colin Dardis - Birchwood
Colin Dardis - A Mouth to the Flame
Colin Dardis - The Cap Fits
Colin Dardis - The Jackpot Rush
Colin Hassard - My Star
Colin Hassard - Pretend to be a Thief
Colin Hassard - Autumn Leaves
Connaire McCullough - Colours
Connaire McCullough - November Night, a Villanelle
Connaire McCullough - Big Shoes
Damian Begley - The Field
Damina Begley - Singing Angel
Dan Wray - Knock, knock
Dan Wray - Organ grinder
Dan Wray - Union Canal
Danyea - Death to the Bored
Danyea - Floral Silence
David Agnew - Guinness is good for you
David Agnew - I have sat by the Sea
David Agnew - Stones
David Allen - A Poem in Hiding
David Allen - Cassandra
David Allen - Woman
David Allen - The Garden Gethsemane
David Braziel - The Game
David Braziel - The Big 'C'
David Duckworth - Fallout Shelter
David Smylie - Easter at Ballintoy
David Smylie - Will You
David Smylie - Yahoos
David Smylie - The Ghost of Presents Past
Delores Craig - Mr Wonderful
Delores Craig - Granny's Vatican
Delores Craig - A Labour of Love
Diane Dean - Cull
Eamonn McGinty - Day-dream
Eamonn McGinty - Street Incantation
Eamonn McGinty - This Other Man's Hell
Ellie Rose McKee - I Can't Feel the Rain
Ellie Rose McKee - This Feeling
Elaine Dignan - You
Emma Akuffo - Love's Gate
Emma Akuffo - Lost in Love
Emma Akuffo - The Power of Life
Emma Akuffo - Love Spoke
Emma Graham - Baby Girl
Emma Graham - Fire
Emma Graham - Life
Emma Graham - Hope
Emma Graham - Only Begotten
Ellen Factor - 98% sure
Ellen Factor - Storms
Emma Jones - Broken Promises
Emma Jones - Do I Imagine Him There?
Emma Jones - Gathering Thoughts
Emma Jones - Trains Go By
Geraldine Foley - To Blackhead Light
Gerard McKeown - Budapest
Gerard McKeown - Black and White and Red...
Gerard McKeown - Inside a Phonebox
Helen Eccles - The Chocolate Shop
Helen Eccles - Discombobulated
Helen Eccles - Memory, a Six Letter Word
Holly Kilminster - The Haircut
Isobel Morris- The animal ways
Jacinta Owens - Candles
Jacinta Owens - I Love to Count
Jane Bailey - Garden Pees
Jane Bailey - Arum
Jane Bailey - Wake
Jack McBride - Belts and Braces
Jack McBride - Metropolitan Commuting
Jack McBride - Ormeau Days and Beaten Dockets
Jenny Tang - Life
Jihane M. Rodriguez - Acerbic
Jihane M. Rodriguez - Day Dream
Jihane M. Rodriguez - Let me be
Jihane M. Rodriguez - Questions and Answers
Jihane M. Rodriguez - Spring
Jihane M. Rodriguez - Temptation
Jim Johnston - 27 January 2004
John Bowdidge - Excavation
John Bowdidge - Environmental
John Bowdidge - Langley Company
John Harkness - Gethsemane
John Harkness - Nazareth
John Lawrence - Little Sparrow
John Lawrence - My Mothers a Robot
John McAndrew - If and If Only
John McAndrew - Terminal
Joanna Donaldson - Dead to Honour
Julie-Anne Graham - Breakfast on the Balcony
Julie-Anne Graham - Cinematic Cinderella
Julie-Anne Graham - Dawn Noise
Julie-Anne Graham - Haiku
Julie-Anne Graham - Raintime
Karen McCague - Tahitian Immortality
Karen McCague - Fake
Karen McCague - Oh My Darling Philistine
Karen McCague - Sand Man & The Side Street of Dreams
Kevin Connolly - The Belfast Boy
Kevin Connolly - If (By Mr.Kipling)
Lauren Grey - To be a Butterfly
Lynda Tavakoli - Child of Mine
Lisa Gould - Old
Liz McClure - You
Liz McClure - Subliminally Yours
Mark Cooper - Curtains
Mark Cooper - Lunch at Home
Mark Cooper - The Dance
Mark Cooper - In the Middle
Mark Cooper - Oakwood Celebrity
Mark Cooper - The Occasional Otter
Matt Garrett - Storm over Killiney bay
Matt Garrett - In the Shadow of Blackmountain
Matt Garrett - Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Meabh Mallon - Coming Home
Mel Lewis - Be with me
Mel Lewis - Sit atop the hill
Mel Lewis - Worlds End
Mike Boyle - Cookstown market
Mike Boyle - Counting
Mike Boyle - Most Of All You Won
Mike Boyle - No Government Grants Here
Mike Boyle - Our Parliament House
Mike Boyle - Ritual
Mike Boyle - The Golden Chariot Wheel
Mike Boyle - The First Ball
Natalia Tochenykh - Dont' Say Goodbye Before I'm Gone
Natalie Smyth - Washing It Away
Niall McGrath - Elegy for the black hill
Niall McGrath - Orange
Niall McGrath - Outlet
Nicky McCusker - A Lesson
Patrick G Hughes - The Backseat Driver
Patrick G Hughes - Red Blood on a White Flag
Patrick McKiernan - Acid In The Sand
Patrick McKiernan - Asunder
Patrick McKiernan - Inertia Seeks
Patrick McKiernan - Lovers Truths
Patrick McKiernan - Self Aware Blues
Patrick McKiernan - The Illness That Grips Us All
Paul Addison - Fear of Life
Paul Addison - Algorithim, Baby
Paul Addison - Good Samaritan
Pauline Burgess - Rebirth
Pauline Burgess - Helen's Bay
Pauline Burgess - La Belle Epoque
Paul McBride - Across The Menu board
Paul McBride - Dreaming of Saigon, Dreaming of You
Paul McBride - Peel Back the Sun
Paul McBride - The Boy With No Name
Paul McBride - Used
Paul McIlwrath - Daisyfield Street
Paul McIlwrath - Autumn Supernova
Peter Mc Goran - River Untouched
Peter Mitchell - A Wealth of Ignorance
Peter Mitchell - Anger Switch
Peter Mitchell - Blokes with No Honour
Peter Mitchell - Earth Two
Peter Mitchell - I Love You Mum!
Peter Mitchell - Nature
Peter Mitchell - Palestine
Peter Mitchell - Sea Sick
Peter Mitchell - Should We All Not Hug Trees
Peter Mitchell - The State We're In...
Peter Mitchell - War
Phat Bob - Waking Up
Phat Bob - Locks of Love
Rhoda Watson - Some Fears Never Die
Rozana Huq - Footprints in the Country Lane
Rozana Huq - Blue and White Marshmallow Clouds
Ruairi McNally - Cabbages
Ruairi McNally - Day in day out
Ruairi McNally - Imagine
Ruairi McNally - Kissing Bliss
Sam Quigg - Limavady
Siobhain M Cullen - The Earth talks to the Snowdrops
S J Young - Affray
S J Young - Little William
S J Young - Flitflutter
S J Young - Mutterman
Stephen O'Reillly - Graveyard Adventures
Steven Ormsby - Old Archdale
Steven Ormsby - The Working Day
Stephanie Conn - Possibility
Stephanie Conn - Drowning
Stephanie Conn - Driven
Stephanie Conn - Hide and Seek
Steph McGuckin - Oh Right, Ok?
Steph McGuckin - Parallel Lines
Steph McGuckin - Preach Me
Steph McGuckin - There Once Was Hope
Susan Farrell - The Crows Wedding
Susan Farrell - A Shepard
Susan Farrell - I wish to be a member of the glitterati
Suzanne Maxwell - Little Girl Lost
Suzanne Maxwell - Picking Daisies
Suzanne Maxwell - The Parting
Una Wynne - ABC Poem
Una Wynne - Show in th snow
Una Wynne - A Merry-Maid
Vaughan Walker - Mother and Earth
Vaughan Walker - Lets Not Test Kind Faith
Warwick Dalzell - '69
Warwick Dalzell - A Hymn to Movilla
Warwick Dalzell - On a Clear Day
Warwick Dalzell - Scrabo
Warwick Dalzell - Streams and Spricks and Small Boys
Warwick Dalzell - The Dead Man
Warwick Dalzell - The Lough Shores
Warwick Dalzell - Winter '47

The BBC will showcase as many of your submissions as possible but we cannot guarantee that all submissions will be published.

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Find out about publishing opportunities and local writing organisations.
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