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16 October 2014
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Paul McBride
Paul McBride

Originally from Newtownards, I currently live in Belfast but I began trying to write creatively when I was travelling around Asia and Australia in 2005. I found the scenery and people hugely inspiring. I would like to get some feedback on my work and hope one day to have the discipline to write a travel book.

The Boy With No Name by Paul McBride

In the city so full of life
Where people drink and sing all night
She lifts her head and looks in shame
At the boy beside her and asks his name.

He holds is drink and takes a drag
On a cigarette beginning to sag
He looks at her and they meet eyes
But looks away and lets go a sigh.

She moves closer and asks him why
He always seems to frown and sigh
He says “Don't worry - you're not to blame.
It's not your fault I have no name”.

“'Cause I come from a far off place.
And now I'm just another face.
It's not your fault - no one's to blame
For not giving this poor boy a name”.

She grips his hand and pulls him in
Her mind runs wild - she wants to sin
But his heartbeat remains the same
How can he love when he has no name?

He wants to feel but pulls away
And can't think of a single word to say
He aches and burns and hurts inside
And knows in his heart this chance has died.

And this is the way his sad life goes
No-one cares and no-one knows
Who is really and truly to blame
For the curse of the boy with no name.

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