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16 October 2014
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Peter Mitchell

My name is Peter Mitchell, born Ashford, Middlesex in 1978. At the age of 16 I came to live in N. Ireland, Currently residing in Belfast. I write poems whenever inspiration hits me although in truth it seems they write themselves. I love to write when I can. I enjoy the poems of Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Browning and Seamus Heaney. I also find the lyrics of the Arctic monkeys and Reverend and the Makers amongst others help to ignite my passion for writing.

Blokes with No Honour by Peter Mitchell

Four blokes with no honour
approached from the back.
Whilst two hung back watching,
the other two attacked.

I three times felt the rabbit punch
And buckled to the floor
And felt they may just rob me there
Not so, they wanted more.

My head just like a football
Repeatedly they kicked
The big one taking orders
From the vocal little shit.

To there surprise I stood up
To look them in the eyes
I'd swear they must have messed themselves
Expecting pleas and cries. I knew my only option
Was to run like a man.
But the snakes caught up and bit me
And got me down again.

They took all my possessions
And left me there for dead
As my throbbing soul lay battered
An blood oozed from my head.

I managed to get up somehow
And walked to the Spaniard bar.
Where Niamh and Noel looked after me
And Mike came in a car.

Mike then followed after me
The ambulance on route
Took my mind of the police man
The big uncaring brute.

Who didn't seem to care too much
About my face of blood
Or the struggle on my jeans
My jeans were caked in mud.

At the hospital, the x-ray
Was abrupt and short, not sweet
Although the male nurse that I saw -
- Later was more polite.

Compassion ain't a given though
Humans I've learned are hard.
They seem to look for fault sometimes
As mistrust is a guard.

After we left the hospital,
Mike took me to his home.
Gave some cash and cigarettes
So that I didn't feel alone.

After that, the kindness -
- Of others had my heart warmed.
Not too say I'm better now
Brain damage has me torn.

Forgetting names and faces
And facts I used to know.
Left crying with frustration
Though I try not to let it show.

As I will come back stronger
But it will still take some time -
- To bounce around this world again
With thoughts of peace in mind.

I'd like to thank those many folks
Who showed such love to me
Though my head hurts, my heart hums
As I tread carefully.

I feel although there is bad folks
Who spread hate in this world
Kindness is a stronger force
And hit's the hate ten fold.

I do conclude, I'll be alright
As what happened ain't a first.
Others never see daylight
It could have been much worse.

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