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16 October 2014
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Patrick McKiernan
Patrick McKiernan

Hello there. You look nice today. New haircut? anyway my name is Patrick McKiernan and I am a 26yr old Northern Irish fella that loves writing and the BBC of course. I write freelance for a music magazne also which is a great gig but my main passion is creative writing. In my spare time I enjoy watching films both for fun and, thanks to a Film Studies degree, to take the fun out of watching films thanks to picking out technical faults. Thanks education! I also like watching tennis, reading tennis commentary on the BBC website (Piers Newbury is a God) as well as going to gigs and hanging with my good lady and good family. Anything else? Oh yes; I can cook pasta just by staring at it and hold a world record in something or other. Enjoy your day.

Self Aware Blues by Patrick McKiernan

Two crazy Irish prophets tried to curse my soul
by saying all my problems were burning on the coals,
they turned me inside out and called my parish priest
who said, "Holy Bread is flatter, take away the yeast."
All Icould do was look on through as they handed me around
to all the holy patrons on whom Iused to look down.
I feel my lesson has been overdone,
its like God has called for daylight
and then covered up the sun.

The US dollar ethic has me in a fix,
Morality isn't welcome, it poisons up the mix.
I go to local thrift stores, my conscience is rebuilt,
although its second hand Gap its not a lesser guilt.
There's no more lines to overstep, everything is wrong,
so you may as well be smartly dressed when its going for a song.
Those ads are lying, desginer's just not fun,
its like God has called for daylight
and then covered up the sun.

My exes joined up forces to list out all my flaws.
I soon realised when anything went wrong I was the cause.
They kindly pointed out how Icould improve,
and now I'm feeling guilty everytime Imove.
Love is a great danger if its only a pretence,
and revenge is so deranged that it makes perfect sense.
So if you choose to use someone you should do it on the run
or else you'll be looking back forever
and you'll never see the sun.

Mr Blair cries in his milk then pours it on the street,
as the country drowns he tells the press he'll do a meet and greet.
His nobility makes the people turn away in shame
and as they all go under they absorb his blame.
His followers are dead though and its looking rather grim,
cos his enemies may be conservative but they still know how to swim.
Oh, Tony, the solutions plain to see,
you should retire from active politics
and join the green party.

I took a day off work to go searching for my soul,
by two o' clock I'd quit my job and signed up on the dole.
Self awareness is a burden, it causes you to think,
and pretty soon you'll see something bad everytime you blink.
Its getting near impossible to hold on to what you believe,
theres too many people out there with something up their sleeve.
Party politics will rule, the corporations won,
they'll just keep on growing taller
until they cover up the sun.

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